How to save draft to yourself?

Nothing big, just asking how to save a draft to myself if anyone knows how to do that? Thanks.

You can PM yourself drafts you may have. Just copy and paste it to yourself on PM and it’s all there. Drafts will save also after you start something instead of displaying “new topic” on the front of the forum. It’ll display open drafts and it’ll also be there.


I personally write all the big posts in Sublime text (except for the tables, for them i have a python program to convert them from numbers (apple’s excel) into IFC tables). You can save copy the raw text, enter it into a .txt file and then copy-paste it from there when you want to edit the post

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Or you could just press the > (pointing down) button and then press the x. Press No, Keep and go to another topic and press reply.

After that, a draft should be saved in your profile. To view them, go to Profile > Drafts.

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Thanks for your help, guys! This answers my question ;)

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