How to save Battery a Little bit more

Probably somebody else says this already, or maybe the devs anunce this before. But i will say it.

I figured out how to save battery a little but more, even with the lower power mode active. Its simple. Beggin your flight, climb to cruise and set the navs. Then, just simple, turn off the internet. The app will still running without any problem. Of course you will loose the terrain streaming, but not your flight time. The sky will look the same, just the terrain will look blury, like if you were flying over a buch of strange clouds. Then when you are near to your airport destination, turn on then internet. The terrain stream will begging again and everything will look good again, you can make your descent, and final approach whitout any problem.
Whit this, you can protect your battery a little bit more. Of course, if for you dosnt matter lost the terrain quiality for a moment. However, if you like to be in front of the screen like a moron, looking your flight for more than 1 hour, instead to doing another thing , this will not be helpful for you, but for me, and for others, probably yes. For example, i like to read or paint as the same time im making a flight, so if i not be lookinf at the screen, why stay connected all the time? Just in the moments when its necesary.
By the way, this will not affect your log book, or the real time of the flight. Just as i said, the Terrain only,
I think this is a very good way to save battery, specially with long flights, the over nights one, and its clearly, this will help to reduce your data consumption if you are flying whit celular net.

NOTICE; IMPORTANT: i make this in solo mode, just an hour ago. I dont know if this works in live mode, and if it doesn’t affect your experience gain, probably i will try tomorrow or maybe someone could try whit a short middle flight.

Turning off your internet will barely affect your battery life compared to the aircraft rendering etc. Also, having no internet connection won’t allow your flight stats to be updated during your flight, meaning that if your device crashes, you will lose all of your stats from that flight.


I would strongly advise against this especially when at FL180 and below. This could lead to nightmares for ATC with people just popping up wherever and whenever. There are other great ways to optimize battery life and help keep devices cool during flights. Just my 2 cents, Cheers


I did a 6 hours flight, i took the risk, and thats the reason that i posting this. And as i said, just in solo mode. The app dont crahs or anything. And yes, i set the graphics low at the same time

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I think he is talking about the high quality satellite imagery will be turned into blurry terrain. Which will probably save alot of battery. The stats would be the downside, Im guessing. Not sure if it works on live tho.

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