How To Run Infinite Flight In The Background (Stage Manager (iPadOS 16))

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For those who want to run Infinite Flight in the background while using other apps (like a browser, youtube, or whatever else) can be done, and not just having it as a little sliver of a window on either side of your screen.

With the iPadOS 16’s stage manager feature, you can run applications fully on top of Infinite Flight, so you can utilize your iPad while you leave a flight at cruise. Do keep in mind, IF is still resource intensive so dont expect to run say another heavy game on top of it.

Over the last two months, Stage Manager has proven an essential tool for me when using IF so I can still get other things done on my iPad. I’ve made this little informational topic to tell you all a bit about it, and maybe you’ll like it too.

Do Note: Stage Manger is only available for iPad Air (5th gen), all iPad Pro 11” models, and iPad Pro 12.9” 3rd gen and later.

You can check which one you have by going into Settings → General → About and then find the model name.

All testing of mine has been done on an iPad Pro 11” 3rd generation with M1 SoC

Enabling Stage Manager. Don’t worry, once you turn it on you can turn it off again or even toggle between Stage Manager and the older method.


Step 1: ensure you’re running iPadOS 16 on a compatible device that’s mentioned above.


Step 2: find Home Screen and Multitasking, under there go into the Stage Manager page outlined in the above photo and turn it on.


Step 3: Enable it in your quick access menu. Swiping down from the top right will bring it out, and activate stage manager. It’s the icon the red arrow is pointing at.


IF should now be able to be a window, along with all the other apps.



Infinite Flight and Stage Manager in Action

What Infinite Flight looks like in stage manager while on top of another program


What another app (in this example, Firefox) looks like on top of IF while IF is still running


Some little Stage Manager things you should know

You can make IF full screen, or any app full screen and leave IF running, by pressing the three dots at the top of the screen and pressing ‘zoom’ and to shrink back down into windowed form, press zoom again or drag the little curved thing in the bottom corner (see second pic below this one)

To add apps on top of IF, you can drag and drop them onto the screen from the App Library and the taskbar thing. If it’s not visible, you can bring the taskbar thing up by slowly swiping up from the bottom center.


Important Notes:

-Your iPad still needs to be left on, otherwise it’ll still pause and you’ll be right where you left IF when you get back.
-Enabling IF’s automatic low power reduces resource consumption, therefore making other app(s) you put on top of it run better.
-Stage Manager still has some bugs, and if it’s not working out you can just turn it off
-I did this on my M1 powered iPad, A12X and A12Z powered iPads Pros (due to their lower amounts of processing power) may not perform as well. I don’t have any of the A12 iPad Pros so I can’t confirm.
-No, just because there’s windowing in iPadOS doesn’t mean you can open another IF window. IF only allows for one window.


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I was doing some testing on this as well - the limitation is you must keep Infinite Flight in the center of the screen - if you minimise and move it over to the left it pauses.

Stage Manager is such a cool feature! Add on Universal Control (not related to IF) with the Macs and it’s god tier functionality!

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oh yeah forgot to mention minimizing pauses it as well

It is a very cool feature! I hope they’re able to iron out some bugs and improve on it, but this makes the compatible iPads much more like laptops that Apple’s tried so hard to advertise they replace

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I’ve done this before. It’s like putting an iPad in your cockpit within an iPad. Makes easy work of flight planning!

Personally I wouldn’t recommend using infinite flight and another app for long periods on stagemanager because it will drain your battery health and make your device warm. If you own an M1 powered device you can probably get away with it. Still wouldn’t recommend.


fair enough, although I wouldn’t know about long periods since I primarily do regional flying

regarding heat, that’s why i enable automatic low power so IF isn’t doing as much thinking

Well, this is quite interesting, I haven’t updated to iPadOS16 yet but when I do I’ll probably have to see this for myself!

Is it a big difference?

in what?

The updated operating system iOS 16

except for stage manager, and a “more space” function, I haven’t used any other features, but i’d say it’s a good difference. If you’re concerning being stuck with stage manager vs the non-windowing mode, then you can toggle between the two.

Insert tears from the editors who wanted to edit airports and fly
Great topic!


Yes, yes and yes! Finally an insanely useful feature from Apple. Thanks for sharing with us 👌

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I have an A12 iPad Pro and i tested it and it worked nice in apps like youtube or google or stuff like that, but in other games those other games seem to be laggy and i just wouldnt recommend it if you wanna use it with IF and another heavy game.

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Cool idea but definitely tricky and with my 2020 iPad Pro probably not a great idea, although I will multitask ForeFlight on the side using the old OS.

Been using iOS 16 for a few days now and while stage manager is cool, it’s reeeaaaally half baked and doesn’t work all that great yet.

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that seems to be the common review of stage manager, but i guess depending on what you do with it your mileage varies

same here, and i did point out in the original post one shouldn’t expect to pull it off. It also makes the device nice and toasty (game varying) which isn’t good for the battery at sustained high temps

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Yea, exactly. My iPad gets veryyy hot and thats why this is useful for me to watch youtube videos when my phones charging or something like that. For that intent its awesome.

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also doesn’t help that charging, which you may see more of since more things running need more power, also gives a nice dose of heat

playing youtube videos or something relatively light weight like that I’ve encountered no problems on, and it does so just fine

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Yea, i usually dont charge it when i do it cause it just becomes more hot.

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