How to run a test flight?

Hello all, when the 20.1 comes out the first thing I will be doing with the Boeing 777-200 is a test flight. But what do they include: Stall test. That is all I know. What else? Then after that a full flight, trying out the VNAV, SIDS & START. A wee bit of help would be nice, thank you :)


Extreme G turns.

Fly around Washington for about 5 hours with the gear down during flight.


Personally I will try out most of the features in Solo for a day or to make sure I am confortable and develop some awareness before going live


Test flights basically just test the physics of the aircraft and test certain systems. They gather the data that they receive on board during the test. They do some of the stuff @Altaria55 mentioned to get this data. They can do anything within the aircraft’s capabilities to test its limits to get more data.


Test flights test the planes mechanics including the Tcas, autopilot, etc

Me personally, just the normal handling of it. Been on the 777-200 for almost 2 months now perhaps, building up muscle memory for the old one just so I will know what the differences will be with the newly reworked one. Too bad there’s no such things as flutter tests in IF otherwise I’d love to be able to check speed limits and flap speed limits.

Can someone just give it like this:

  • Stall
  • Extream G


There are so many things i could give you.

  • Slow speed handling
  • High speed handling
  • Full dirty config handling
  • G stress testing
  • Wing flight envelope testing
  • Stall testing

The list goes on …

You can also try googling it but i dont know how much things they will have on there


I will try them and have a google. Thank you very much :)

Fly the 772 with gear down. Test everything EVERY SINGLE THING even look at the gears with the free cam. Stall it, etc…

don’t hesitate to do a crash test :trollface:

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I will pass on the crash :)

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Do anything such as…
Fly a vertical, fly it nose down, fly it above its MTOW, fly it with nothing par 500kg of fuel, fly it at toga, fly it with no engines, fly it 10ft AGL fly it above its ceiling height, fly into Lukla, fly into heathrow, then fly it with gear down to appreciate how good it looks. Buzz the tower like a its a Airforceproud video then fly like an airliner, Fly it as far as possible till its bone dry, Fly it like a Red Arrow does an airshow.

Point in being do everything in it. Just make sure your in the correct server for your activities and have fun in doing it :)


If you’re up for watching a documentary, the Discovery Channel did an incredible number on the Airbus A380, detailing it’s production and testing.

This video shows a lot of the tests taking place and how they are executed, perhaps a nice watch if you’ve got 40 minutes on your hands 😬


Test the power of the breaks by taking off, and right as you reach takeoff speed, hit the breaks and only use the breaks to slow down. Also test how the breaks handle the engines at N1=95%

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I’d do it on casual.

i usually do fuel tests and that has to be on solo so weather doesn’t make the test more inconsistent

i would do fuel tests, the new engines and stalls, the doors and all, how smooth it is what rotate speeds would be good so on so on. and i would do it on casual

or solo.

  • RTO testing
  • Overweight TO/LA testing

There’s two more

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Not to forget one engine inoperative takeoff and land! 😉

i would do a one engine landing test.

Landing is easy, taking-off is muuuuuch more difficult!😉

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