How to revoke or get over from level 1 violation

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I encountered violation messages back to back for 6 times for flight overspeed below 10000ft. I believe these are level 1 violations. My grade dropped to 1 level, please let me know when do I get back my actual grade or how to upgrade my grade back to normal. And how long does it take.
Thank you

The violations in the last 24h and 7 days will then go away. The violations in the last year will only go away in a year. If you want to go back to Grade 2, you just have to make a few landings. You can do this on small planes by taking off and landing at the same airport. Good luck!


If my math is correct, you need at least 3 more landings to get below the violation/landings ratio. Not sure what the grade 3 ratio is but it may be just 24 hours til you can access the expert server. This link may help.

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Thanks Alot brother

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