How to revoke a violation

If i got violations, how to remove the violations?

Well depends, what happened that caused you to get the violation and what type of violation was it?

taxiin speed violations, and under 10,000ft speed violations

I think the violations will eventually expire… So let’s say you have 5 and so after 3 days it’ll be reset to 0


okay, thank for the info nathan :)

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Glad to help but I am open to corrections :)

Any violations that a pilot receives, does not reset after a few days and they never expire and just fall off (or go away). They key is simply to avoid getting violations.


Well if we’re talking about what we see in the logbook then I believe the numbers are reset after a few days (as I’ve noticed)

If you mean the total violations which can be seen on the LiveFlight App, I think it’ll never be reset…

okay mark, thanks for the tips

If you are talking about the grade levels, the violations never drop off from your stats, however, after 3 days you move back up to your previous rank pending you have not received any more violations.

So why is the post by Nat… marked as solution?

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The violations will eventually expire and you will be back to normal, however at the moment it might move you down a grade or two but you will eventually re-reach the grade you lost. Hope this helps :)

Mark can change it himself, but that would require more patience.

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I know just making it simpler to understand, they are still on your record but will not effect your grade after 3 days

We can’t remove them. Well I suppose Matt and Philippe could, but it would be a poor use of their time, so basically its irreversible. Once you have a violation it is always counted. However, it will become nothing but a memory after you fly some more without getting additional violations. Don’t worry about having received any in the past. Just learn from it and try to not repeat it in the future. Focus on your goals, worry less about the past. :)


Don’t ask me… I’ve seen people vote for my reply in other topics as the solution when the real solution is usually somewhere below… Derp

Is there place I can go to get a list of all the violations?

Do you mean a list of how many violations you have?