How to "return" the normal IF live voices

Some days ago I posted a thread about that. But I didn’t understood at all. So here it is:

As you can see, I have 2 voice options only. I want the default back :(

My device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

To resolve this issue, go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Text to speech output -> Install voice data.

Your TTS engine should be listed as the Google one. If not you may want to see if you can install it and change it to that.


I don’t find the “Text to Speech output”. What should I do? @Chris_S

Try going to “General management” --> “Language and input” --> “Text-to-speech.” From there, you can tap on the gear icon next to the preferred engine and install voice data.

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Ok, thanks @TaipeiGuru, But the think is, the voices of iOS (yeah I have iOS too). Are they separated?

To my knowledge, if you have the Google TTS engine installed, you won’t hear iOS voices. Instead, they’ll sound like whatever you’ve selected for the default voice for other pilots/ATC in the Infinite Flight settings.

Does this help?

Yes, thanks @TaipeiGuru and @Chris_S. :)

Im not making solution because 2 people helped me

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