How to restore contact with Live server?

Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection. Maybe sit next to the router. I would have said restart the app but you’re mid flight…

Yes, absolutelly this is the problem.

Did you think that I can make 50+ hour non stop flight without this problem and my connection it is not good?

Anyone has problems now? I can’t connect. Is game up?

No, I don’t think you could make even an hour flight if you had bad connection. You WiFi would probably disconnect somewhere while flying

I simply did a device restart and it was fine :)

There is already a topic for it though

But this is not a solution if you are in Long Haul Flight between continets or aroud the globe…

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Please refer to this

I don’t think you could with bad connection though

Hi, I’m a beginner and having the same problem. Live server cut out after three hours into a flight; the app also freezes intermittantly on an iPad 4 on a home wifi connection. I have a 54 Mbps downstream connection, do I need a faster connection?

Are you sure? iPad 4 is not a support device last time i checked.

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Oh okay, maybe that’s it.

How did you get the latest update? If you have an iPad 4, it shouldn’t be possible to download it from the App Store.

Sorry just to clarify, I meant an iPad Mini 4 - it appears that the iPad Mini 4 is supported when I checked this link.

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So I was just doing my first true ULH and this problem occurred. All the other connection icons are green, but the live server one remains red.

Where you able to solve the issue without having to restart the app (and lose the flight progress) ?

Do you know if you will still get the credit for the flight, with regards to landings, flight time and xp ?

Hello. Having the same issue. Toggled between windows, and now I am disconnected while on a long haul. How can I get back online? Thanks

Switch your phone to airplane mode for 30-Seconds to a minute then switch back to WiFi. It may take a bit to reconnect but be patient it may take time due to your internet connection stability and speed.

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Thanks, I’ll try that. On a similar note, what happens when you flick between applications on your phone? e.g. if I open Internet to check charts and so forth? I know IF window shows ‘pause’, but it seems as though the plane still flies, as opposed to staying completely still (if that makes sense). Am I wrong?

Second, and related to this, is it possible to start a long haul, take the phone out with you to run errands (cos you have to call and what not), hit pause, and then come back and keep flying from home once connected to wifi?


Your session will pause for a while, but if you stay out of the long enough it will disconnect. Worst case; the app will close down completely.

I think that answers both of your questions :)

This happened to me twice.

First time, I gave up.

Second Time, I switched off wifi on my device, waiting for all the 5/4 connections to turn red (except API, it takes a while). After they were red, I turned on Wifi again, it worked. You may want to try it

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Actually, I did some tests.

On the one hand, I thught what you suggest did the trick, but more than once this issue continues. Wrote a post on this forum, and by the time I was back, nothing… I’ve tried activating plane mode, WiFi signal as well… Nothing.

Then, tried other flight, phone even locked (black screen), I read the news and when I came back, it found the connection no problem.

Would appreciate any thoughts