How to restore contact with Live server?

I have now experienced problem with connction to Live Server. I have lost communication with ground and also I do not see any other aircrafts. It is possibility to restore connection in flight?


Yes, just keep flying and you should see it connect again. You may see intermittent disconnects here and there but don’t be too alarmed ;)

Just be sure that you have a good/stable internet connection.


Just keep flying and it should reconnect. That’s what happened to me, anyway.

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Yes I have stable internet connection, last Ultra Long Haul flight was non-stop for about 50 hours without any problem. Now problem and conection was lost until end of the flight so more that 45 minutes.

Toggle flight mode on/off helps sometimes.

Flight mode? I do not understand what you think.

Airplane mode/flight mode on your device, disabling your connection completely. Once you turn it off your connection might be restored.

Flight mode means airplane mode.

But how I can do this in flight??? :-)

What device do you have?

I have Samsung Galaxy S7 and now same happened after landing.

Did it stay red completely throughout or did it toggle between red/green?

Only Red, I must leave my flight than it is again Green. But it is not possible to connect in flight.

Just so everything is super clear:

Your connection is green when you spawn, but after a short while it turns red and stays like that no matter what?

Make sure you have a strong WiFi connection. Maybe sit next to the router. I would have said restart the app but you’re mid flight…

Yes, absolutelly this is the problem.

Did you think that I can make 50+ hour non stop flight without this problem and my connection it is not good?

Anyone has problems now? I can’t connect. Is game up?

No, I don’t think you could make even an hour flight if you had bad connection. You WiFi would probably disconnect somewhere while flying

I simply did a device restart and it was fine :)

There is already a topic for it though