How to respond to say intentions?

Just now I was holding short of TNCM runway 10, Tower said say intentions twice(I have a short Fpl) , not knowing how to respond I said ready for takeoff, can someone tell me how to respond properly when asked that question.

You state your intentions…what you are going to be doing


Fly from TNCM and turn back to TNCM.

Remaining in the Pattern.

‘No Pattern Accepted at this time’

Then depart straight out, fly couple miles out, then contact approach I guess.

Then request for takeoff departing N/E/S/W, don’t call inbound after taking off and change frequency when the frequency change is approved.

I respond to say intentions with “I will take your fingers and shove them up your ***”.

Just kidding… the controller here was expecting you to let him know when you’re ready for takeoff. That’s all.


Aircraft on final, first in line isn’t it obvious with this behind you

Btw that guy above the runway was landing

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If commands are ‘obvious’ then what’s the point in having ATC? Fly on the casual server where there isn’t ATC.

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You have to request takeoff we can give you hold short, LUAW, or cleared for takeoff. Also so we know if you’re remaining in the pattern or departing.

The controller could just tell you to LUAW or clear you for takeoff without you saying you’re ready. IRL, pilots usually let tower know they’re ready to go before tower clears them though. So it’s more realistic for you to say you’re ready for takeoff before tower just clearing you.

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Nope, because we need to know what direction they are departing in, whether they are RITP, and if they are actually ready to takeoff.

Those are all good things to know. The departure direction would not need to be stated if people correctly filled flight plans though.

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With that, tower can only issue an immediate takeoff unless the aircraft requests takeoff, and cannot deny a pattern work request if it need be. The only there way to issue an immediate takeoff is through the quick commands, which I don’t find common


Based on the situation, here’s my take on it… With the number of aircraft lined up, the controller probably wanted to expedite departures. He wanted to know your intensions before that inbound passed so he could tell you line up and wait as soon as the inbound was clear. Your takeoff request was what he needed. Hope that helps


To answer the original question, usually “Say Intentions” means that the ATC is waiting for you to say something that they are expecting.

I will issue this if you are holding short without a flight plan and I want to know if you are ready for takeoff. If there is a line building up and inbound traffic, everyone needs to pay attention while ATC tries to get everyone on their way.

I also use this when people go from approach to tower and they never say anything. You still need to request landing when moving to tower.


Good thing I requested takeoff.

Yup… Exactly what the controller needed

MaxSez: interesting commentary to a serious question! I often wounder about some of the bogus responses offered by the aviation duty experts who respond extemporaneously here with out a smidgin of fact to back them up. By guess and by God, the need to be heard and not seen often stimulates the Duffes to blather. I’d put my money on @Chris_S, appropriate response, @BavariaAVIATION Departure direction and @AR_AR on the no FltPlan responses. Have a nice day.