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I was at an airport today with only the tower frequency active and I had to back taxi on the runway to takeoff. The controller told me contact him or get ghosted for not following instructions so I had to request for takeoff while I was still taxing to takeoff position. What should I have done differently?

To be clear, you were tuned in to UNICOM and you were already back taxiing the runway, and then tower sent you an on guard message?

Did you tune into tower and request take off while holding short of the runway?

What Airport was this? I assume expert since they were going to ghost you.There needs to be more details included. asking a question without all the details then noone can really fully help you out.

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On airports that require back taxiing, there are several steps you need to follow :

  • Stop at the hold short line
  • Contact Tower frequency
  • Request takeoff as usual
  • Then the controller will issue a back taxi command. As unfortunately there are no Back taxi request from pilot’s side

Yes I was already backtaxing when the controller sent me an on guard message and threatened to ghost me for not following instructions. I then tuned in and requested takeoff whilst still taxing

No I requested takeoff after I started back-taxing

It was a smaller airport in Mexico…don’t really remember the name and it was on expert

Duly noted even though I would love to see the back taxi request for pilots

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Seems like the controller is a rockie, didn’t know what he was doing.

What happened was you were supposed to taxi to the hold short line, request for takeoff, and then the controller would give you backtaxi instructions if needed. You weren’t cleared on the runway so that is why the controller sent you an on guard message.

This topic goes over how to backtaxi the correct way. This topic was made by an IFATC member.

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The controller was 100% correct in this situation.


Thanks to you all for your input

Of course!

Next time this happens just search for the controllers’ name on here and PM them and they’ll be able to explain their reasoning. If you have any issues with the answer you receive then feel free to add a moderator to the PM. 🙂


What makes you say this? :)

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