How to reset password

Hi there,

May I ask how do I remove a certain device from using my account?


Have you just tried to logout?

You can do this by clicking on your name, when on the main page. After that you should see a logout button in the top right hand corner.

Ye but then the device I’m trying to get out of isn’t mine. Cuz I signed in my account on my friends phone for him to try and then signed out. But then for some reason the sign out didn’t actually “erase” the memory and details of my account and he managed to just log in

Did you sign in with google?

Yes I did sign in with google

Did you remove your google account from your friends device?

Yes, or at least I thought I did 😅

So you want to change your Google password? If so use the link below.

Yea I did that but then it didn’t change anything with my IF account…


We don’t control any passwords or similar.
If you’re account is set up with a Google or Facebook profile, credentials are managed through there.

Understood, thanks!

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