How to Reset Loaded Global Scenery

In case you don’t understand title, let me explain. I know that Global streams scenery, and now my game crashes before I can set up the game. I think this is due to too much loaded scenery. Is there a way to clear the streamed scenery so next time you launch the game it’ll load scenery as if it was being loaded for the first time?


Restart the app and your own device, I’m pretty sure this does it


Delete and re-install the app. A fresh restart also helps.

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It creates a cache and uses ram (I think) makking it run differently

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Just reinstalled and game is still crashing

What is your device specs?

Check this out,

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Could you answer a few things so everyone can better assist you.

  • phone/ tablet model and OS
  • app version
  • graphics settings
  • Wifi/ LTE Internet

As for the terrain loading it only loads around your given area then un downloads the terrain as you pass. 1G of ram is the minimum, but 2G is optimal. Also it’s a good idea to clear your ram prior to flight.

On iOS you do this by pushing & holding the turn off button til the slide to turn off comes up. Once that happens press, and hold the home button.

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Reinstalling the app is the only way to remove loaded global scenery as of now.

It’s not because of preloaded scenery, as it’s cache are emptied every time the app is completely restarted.

Sounds like a reinstall is necessary none the less :) But noticed now that you’ve already done that.

What device is this on?

I had this issue before but as soon as I updated the app, it was gone