How to request your inbound

Hello wonderful IFC community…

It’s been some days since I published How to request your departure and What speed should I be when I am and you seemed to appreciate those posts so here I’m back today with an algorithm that should help your request when comes time to interact with the different ATCs for your arrivals…

Many thanks to @Tyler_Shelton @Aiden_Forusz @Ashton_Earhart @Kitick @BT_HANDLES @FN60fps for your help reviewing and encouraging me!!

So here is the file:

Hope you will enjoy and…

Have a nice flight folks!


This map should be physically published in the IFATC guide!

The number of inbound landings I get when the aircraft is 35 nm out and is at FL250!

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Hope it will help pilots and ATCs

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Tisk Tisk, JFV, i helped you become the best ifatc member ever

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I just looked at this; it’s very helpful. It’ll definitely help when interacting with ATC. Thanks @J-F_V. We’ll done!

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Thank you for those words!

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Always a pleasure! You’re very helpful for new expert server pilots. Keep ur the good work!

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I remember my first flights on expert fearing violations 😂

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The only reason i’m level 3 rn is because i got a level 1 for aerobatic manuvers 💀


Ho that’s a shame! How long still for?

Like another 2 days…about two weeks ago I got a level 2 for a stupid mistake but that got resolved:). Thanks to youuu 😇

Tired of getting “please check user guide” when inbound?

Maybe your answer is here… ☝️

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Maybe just pinned in the ATC category would be cool 😂🥺😂


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