How to request your departure

And your contribution is worthfulll! 💚

One step at a time 😂

Next topic…when to tune ATIS and contact Approach 🤣

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I saw this happen on expert at WSSS a week ago, where @FARAHMAN was on approach on 02L and a user was requested to do immediate takeoff, but didn’t, which resulted in a go around. I was behind him for takeoff.

Lots of pilots just click reply without really listening / reading the command

Exit r/w and cross then contact ground is the best exemple.

So mamy pilots re-request r/w crossing

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Maybe to get on expert you have to pass an exam? Haha I don’t know, just kidding. But I like that you put this out there. :)

Happy Flying!

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And to change frequency too, don’t forget that one. Haha

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