How to request your departure

Hello folks…

More and more controlling on the expert server shows me that lots of people won’t request / execute departures correctly…

So here is a little guide…

Departure to the…: Means that you are leaving the airport and its airspace. Select the general direction (North South Est West) of your flight and report.

Remaining in the pattern: Means that you will stay and play at the airport doing patterns. Select this when … you want to stay and play. Don’t use this one when departing pleaaase…

Now 2 things people don’t seems to always understand / execute:

Line up and wait: It is NOT a T/O clearance…it means to prepare yourself by entering the r/w, line up for departure and hold until controller clears you to T/O.

Cleared for immediate T/O: That means to expedite you T/O. Line up fast and don’t hold…roll your departure without stopping on the r/w

Note: Turn strobes on only if crossing / entering a runway. Should be off when taxiing…

Hope this will help bit your coms with ATC when comes the time to request your T/O

Thanks for your attention and have a nice flight!



This looks amazing! Thanks, J-F_V


Nice Topic Thanks @J-F_V


Very useful topic!Many people in expert server don’t know what remaining in the pattern means……Good job!


Nice informative topic. Good job!


Excellent post, I REALLY hope this helps!


wonderful post!


An addition:

If you are told “line up and wait”,

And then you are told “cleared for takeoff” while you are lining up, you don’t have to stop. If you get your take off clearence, you can take off directly or you can stop for a short time to check yourself and after lining up correctly, you can take off.🎏


The best J-F_V, thank you for the information👍.


Thx for the quick guide! Hope this helps many of the fellow pilots out there.
Maybe something worth to add: „requesting departure to n/s/o/w“ depends on where the pilot wants to leave/depart towers airspace (the most inner circle of the towers boundaries on the flight map).


I’ve stopped using this one because there are a large number of “expert” pilots that can’t be trusted. I am tired of go-arounds that are completely unnecessary.


You can trust me, i do that very nice.🎎


I now throw an automatic “please expedite” right after 😂💀

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Yes…you can be the 2nd or 3rd plane lined up and waiting on the runway…

Just a little note, when you get to line up and wait, you turn strobes on only. When you get clearance to depart, you then turn landing lights on.

This doesn’t affect anything it’s just a little more realistic



Thanks for that addition to the little guide 💚

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Once departed, you are not a priority to ATC anymore…don’t request frequency change unless very high and far… (5-6’k, 8-9 NM)…nothing worst for an ATC than a freq change req at 500’ AGL 💀

ATC may have other priority like ground conflicts or departure / landing to manage

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Ha! In the grand scheme of things, this is such a minor transgression compared to the total lack of understanding of basic ATC instructions exhibited by “expert” pilots. I’d settle for 60% of folks understanding the very basics.


But…I think most of them are honest mistakes…just a lack of knowledge
So I started this topic 😂
I gave recently a major vio for departure without clearance on a LUAW so…I try this

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I hear what you are saying, and it’s a great basic tutorial that should be helpful for those who care to learn.

I will say that I don’t have much sympathy for those that click right through the screen that explains to them they should have a good basic understanding before flying on expert.

However if this reaches even one pilot and helps them fly better on the expert server, it is well worth it.