How to request no vectors

Hello. When I approach airport, approach control tells me to expect vectors. I already have SID STAR or flight plan. I request visual approach because I do not want his vectors. I say: flying VFR. But he still give me vectors. How do I request no vectors? Because there is only 2 planes in the sky. I am one of them, I think it is not busy so I do not need vectors? Can I follow flight plan?



You can request flight following or just check in with the controller. In this situation, and if it is quiet like you mentioned, the controller will most likely let you fly your filed flight plan. The controller may send you vectors though, in order to maintain separation requirements with terrain and other aircraft.

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ok thank you, flight following means I want to fly VFR?

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There are two types of flight following, which are as follows:

IFR - Instrument Flight Rules. This allows you to have a filed flight plan, but you can request flight following if you want to follow your flight plan directly. If this is approved by ATC, they will let you follow your FPL and only send you vectors when necessary, such as for terrain and aircraft separation requirements.

VFR - Visual Flight Rules. This allows you to fly freely within the airspace and no flight plan is required. Although, just like flight following with IFR in place, the controller may send you vectors to maintain separation requirements with other aircraft.


oh ok, thank you

No worries mate, glad I could help you out.

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Adding on @Declan it can at times be in your favour to receive vectors as they might shorten your approach as well. (Not sure if that was the case in your example.)


Continuing on to what @Declan said: If you are sent vectors to avoid conflict with traffic or terrain, and the conflict is then cleared, then you will be able to go back to what you were doing before. If you are flying IFR, the controller will send, ”continue as filed”,so you would need to continue flying your flight plan without vectors. If you’re flying VFR, and you’re clear of conflict, you will be told ”resume own navigation”, and therefore are free to do whatever you want again.

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