How to request heading change on approach frequency?

I was flying in Live on the Training Server. The ATC given me a heading for an ILS approach at KSAN. The airport is very busy and ATC forgot about me. The heading given from the ATC will result in a missed ILS approach as it will miss the localizer. May I request infinite flight to add a heading change request function on the ATC.

(P.S. I was on the KSAN Approach frequency)

If you were on or near the Ils go missed and climb and request frequency change.


Just climb and request frequency change.

At least that’s would I would do and have done in the past.

Welcome to the community! I love that someone came up with this idea. Unfortunately this belongs in #features and you have to be TL2 to acesss it. Just keep liking, replying and posting. By the way, the training server is for people to train, hence why ATC might make mistakes occasionally. No big deal, just try to resolve the issue in the best way you can. Thanks!


You shouldn’t need to ask for heading change on expert, training is a different story however

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In the case if it will result a missed approach, do I ‘announce missed approach’ so that Approach will once again send vectors for the ILS approach.


Exactly! In this situation if you are off by a few degrees, go ahead and correct it. If you are majorly off, give them some time, and then maybe ask for radar vectors if they frequency is calm.

Yes exactly. If your will miss the 30 degree the intercept (your not on a heading -30 or +30 of runway heading when cleared, you are more than welcomed to announce missed approach and approach will vector you back into the line :)

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Am I allowed to change the heading, without instructed by the ATC to do so, to cut the localiser?

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I wouldn’t ask for radar vectors (of done correctly) is more complicated and more time consuming then a normal approach

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No, on expert I have NEVER missed the localizer because of ATC. I only sometimes miss it because I’m stupid and underturn causing me to miss the approach.

I am saying to do that if he is constantly ignored.

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When I was on TS I would make changes to my flight different than ATC instructed and I usually ended up being wrong. Don’t go against their instructions, or use the “unable” command if it looks unsafe or not possible. Otherwise try to trust their instructions. I found that a lot of times I was the wrong one and they knew what they were doing after all. Once you’re on expert server you’ll not have issues like this anymore.

Good and bad - too many people will misuse it I think, it will clog the airways with people wanting to make their own course.

TS you just have to put up with it.

it’s very rare in expert, it’s happened to me only once, but it wasn’t the controllers fault, there were about 30 aircraft on frequency with a few clowns causing chaos and broadcasting unnecessarily that the controller had to deal with.

If it happens (heading won’t intercept or they’re forgetting to give you that final 30 degree vector) you’ll have to call missed approach. 99% of expert controlled will realise what’s happened and re-vector you…

Welcome to the community

Hi,or maybe you can ask for executing missed approach,not sure but i think you can

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