How to request for a Parellel Departure

How would you request for a parellel departure (for example off of 1L and 1R simotaniously at SFO), while in game.

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    Justin Duval

So what’s a parellel

Why would you want a parallel departure? Yeah, it’s cool and all but it just takes up the time and effort of the controller. It’s just not possible unless you’re lucky.

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Unfortunately you can’t request a parallel departure.
It just happens.
But you can get the timing right and possibly get the parallel.
Just dont crash!


Parallel: continuing straight with out meeting.


Ok. Thanks

It all depends on the timing and the controller and luck.

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It’s sadly something we (the Controlers) try to avoid, as it usually results in conflicts.


I understand it may result in conflicts, however you would both fly straight out departures an then bank 15 degrees in oposite directions as protocal suggests. As far as timing do you mean the controller clears both planes for takeoff at the same time, on parellel runways, and bot planes start their takeoff rolls around the same time?

Not always. I always have people fly from 25R towards the left and fly straight into me 😑

What bot planes?

As the Controller I would allways Clear the first one, wait 15secs and clear the next ; )

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It’s a typo. It is meant to be “both”.

@Jster82x, it’s good that you know the protocol but 98% of pilots on Expert do not. That’s why we as controllers try to avoid them as much as possible.


Got it thank you for all the prompt replies, I was thinking it would be fun if we did a airplane guessing game based off regestration number and/or cabin for example N505DN- Delta A350-900XWB

Unless you know the procedures for a parallel departure from San Francisco, I recommend you not do one. You’re very likely going to fly into someone else since a lot of people depart and turn directly towards their destination which isn’t how it works at SFO 🤷🏻‍♂️

Glad you know the procedures though, as do I very well ;)

If you want to do a parallel departure, I recommend flying on Expert when there’s no ATC a lot of the time.


agreed people do not know different departures out of SFO, they just tun twards their destination. Another thing that drrives me cazy at SFO, is that people depat off of 19L and 19R which is seldom to never used for depatures orr arivals.

Thanks for all the help guys.


Its the luck of the draw basically with parrallel takeoffs/landings

Yeah that’s not possible. Not a real world hint either. They just sort of happen on their own

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