How to request descent without a STAR with center

How do I request descent with center if I don’t have a STAR in my FPL?

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If you are an IFR aircraft, you should have a preferred procedure loaded and should request descent via the procedure. If flying VFR, you are able to change altitudes without requesting descent with center. Keep in mind that even if you are VFR, the center and/or approach controller may need to vector you for sequencing and you should still follow their instructions.

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I’m not flying to an airport with active ATC. The real flight didn’t use a STAR

I believe if you don’t have a STAR, you should simply ask for an Approach request.

This would be correct. @Philippe_Gilbert keep in mind that ATC may still ask you to amend flight plan to include preferred STAR at your destination if one is available. Otherwise, requesting an approach should allow you to continue as filed on to your approved procedure.


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