How to request descent when amending STAR

So this happened while I am descending into FACT. The STAR ERDA1A includes the airport at the end of it. Which means that when you file an approach, it includes the airport as a fix and then it guides you back to the start of the approach. So I removed FACT but that removed the green STAR block but kept the fixes. So it’s technically the same approach but without being shown as one

When I was descending, there was no option shown to descend via the arrival, so I asked the centre controller to descend to 3000 because that’s what my VNAV is going down to due to going directly to the approach. But they told me to amend my flight plan to include the STAR, so I did that and then removed it once I got clearance to descend.

My question is, is there any way to do this easier or not interfere with the ATC stuff, or should o just use the STAR even though it would kinda screw up the fpl?

Here’s a picture to better explain. The red circle is without editing, the blue is with the editing

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The simplest way is to remove the additional waypoint of the airport afterwards, not entirely sure why that is an issue tbh. Just keep the one in the STAR.


I never figured to do that…. Simple solution, thanks lol

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No worries!

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