How to request 360?

Hello, how can i request 360 for descending?

I’m pretty sure you can’t request 360. However, you can be instructed to make a 360.


360 is meant for spacing when an aircraft is too close to another aircraft.

“Airline 123 please make right 360º for spacing”

Atc will tell you if they need you to
Or Approach will give you a holding pattern

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Ok, cause i do this sometimes, and not all controllers understand what i’m doing.

I agree, in TS1 the ATC normally just lets multiple planes land at once. I normally just do it with out being told.

As @ewanfleming said, only ATC can instruct you to do a 360 if you are deemed too close to another airplane, there is no way you can request a 360.

Are you making the 360 to slow down?

Have a look here ;)

This can be helpful for when ATC issues you a 360 command.


No, to descent without crazy VS

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It’s the downfall to TS1. If your like me, and are trying to get enough XP to reach expert server, your problem won’t last long! 😉

There is no way to request a 360. If you’re too high up, consider descending further out from your destination airport.