How to report someone

#How to report someone on Infinite Flight for inappropriate behaviour as a Pilot
Quite a number of posts are people asking if someone could report this person when really it’s up to you to do it. I was quite surprised when I saw there was no tutorial on how to report someone because not a lot of people know how to.

Reasons To Report Someone:
There are a number of reasons to report people but remember not to report someone if they aren’t doing anything wrong. Below are reasons to report people.

  • Not Following ATC instruction’s

  • Cutting in line when waiting to take-off

  • Crashing into people mid-air and while on the ground

  • An Inapropriate Callsign

If I missed any other reasons please tell me.

How To report someone:

Step one:
Open the map page and click on the user you want to report.

Step two:
Click on the users name tag and a seperate page should come up.

Step 3:
Click the “Report” button and you should get a new button instead of report saying sent.

Now you have successfully reported the user and only two more users are needed to report him so for them to get ghosted.

Please Note this user I reported in the photos was doing the wrong thing.


Great job Riley !

This should now clear up the confusion related to reporting users.


Just to know, how did the report system look like before the Dash 8 update? I always flew on Solo prior to it.


Pretty much the same. The button was above the settings button


The new setting is easier to use I think. Only when cruising, on final it can be a bit difficult to use.


Report: i hve think u can send messages to any pilots?


A controller version of this would be useful for PG controllers.


Playground server controllers can report. Just click ‘Report user’ and a message saying controller rating is too low to report (or something similar). Click that message. You won’t get any confirmation that you have reported the user but it will go through as a report.

Maybe you could add this in to the main post, such as ‘How to report as a controller’ @Riley_Dunshea


I already knew that. It was meant for those who don’t already know.


Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were requesting a report button for ATC. Yeah it would be good if this was added into the post


Rotate already told that here


I am pretty new so I was wondering what is ghosting?

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Ghosting means you are hidden from all all other pilots and controllers but you can continue with your flight. You’re basically removed from the server. This is if you have had 3 reports off other pilots or an advanced server controller can ghost you.


You get invisibilsed from the server and it counts towards max ghostings for a grade.

Not anymore, standing was removed in the last update.

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Needs to be bumped and brought to the attention of new users.

Don’t forget to report users where necessary.

Six aircraft holding short, two on short final perfectly sequenced, ATC doing a great job, and a grade 1 clown (with over 400 violations to his name for only about 5 hours flight time!) taxied through everyone and took off without clearance.

Yes, I know it’s TS1. Yes I know I can go on expert. But the onus isn’t on me. This was downright rude, impatient and inconsiderate behaviour. There was no ‘mistake or learning’ involved, it was intentional behaviour. There were 8 aircraft present who could have easily provided the three necessary reports to ghost him, however it didn’t happen. I reported, and at best, only 1 out of the 7 others did, because he sure didn’t disappear off my map.

Use the REPORT function people, it’s there for a reason!


I’m not so sure that it requires 3 people to report someone. A few of the guys that I fly with were flying one night, and we attempted to report someone who was fooling around, landing on anywhere other than the runway. There were three of us, and he was still on the map and we could see him after we reported him. I’m not sure if it is an instant ghosting, or if there is a delay, but after 5 minutes or so, he was still messing around. Could the reporting system be bugged? Or did FDS up the required number of reports to ghost someone?

Interesting… I’d love to hear the response to that from someone in the know?

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I would too, because as it stands, the reporting system doesn’t work…

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