How to report someone on training server

Hello everyone, I was operating on ATC but, one user didn’t follow my instuction, entered runway without permission and taked off on a closed runway even though I told him not go to that runway serveral time. Isn’t possible to report that user?

This is only possible on the Expert server.

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Sorry… But it is impossible.

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Hello Georges, as others have mentioned it is not possible to report on the training server. This is because pilots are seen to be learning how to fly and use the simulator without causing disturbances on the expert server. However, it is prone to trolls which we can’t do much about to control, they may abuse reporting on the training server or pilots may cause issues for a controller. It’s a learning environment, there is overall not much that can be done. Hope this helps!

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I see. thank you everyone

It is just the flow of things. Don’t worry, there are many of those who abide by the rules and fly well along with specified instructions!

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you’re right thank you

If you could report on training server half the players would be banned.

Thanks @Kedz for the detailed answer. 🙂