How to report someone on the Training Server?

I was doing ATC on the Training Server recently and saw someone with a less than appropriate call-sign. I was wondering how I can report them because I obviously can’t do it through the ATC window since I am not IFATC. Thanks!


You can currently just ignore them and hope to make IFATC Soon

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If it was inappropriate, you could have taken a screenshot and brought it to the attention of the Mods🤷‍♂️


I continue to be confused with this issue.


This is the Training Server, it is meant for Users to Train and learn how to fly/control, unfortunately this means that there will be some users who will troll, or not know how to properly fly.

Best thing you can do is see and avoid, and fly the best you can so hopefully you can come to the Expert Server where there a tighter requirements and more experienced pilots and very professional Air Traffic Controllers.

When controlling try working around the inexperienced pilot, that is if there are pilots who listen in the first place ;)!


The reporting function on the Training Server was removed sometime ago as it was abused by other pilots. So there’s nothing really much you could do in regards to reporting.

If this were on the Expert Server we are able to handle the situation a little easier.


@DeerCrusher MaxAsks: Find Your comment on “Report User” being deactivated on TS-1 in conflict. I was recently advise “Report User” was still active on both 1 & Exp by a “usually reliable source”.

(If deactivated on 1 because of undocumented “abuse” or perception it should be reconsidered. It’s the only useful corrective action so far envisioned. Allowing TS-1 to remain undisciplined is counterproductive.
In truth it’s a circus and not a conducive learning)


DeerCrusherResponds: Hope this provides a little clarification.

Continuing the discussion from A letter to the moderators, the developers, IFATC members, and everyone else.:


@JRRaviation. MaxSez: This novel Air Police Under many name has been repeatedly recommended and has died at birth on every occasion.
It would just create a wonnabe group of foxes in the chicken coop. Fagedboutit!

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I am willing to give it a shot. Who knows where it will go.

FDS is happy to accept the $$$ from serious players AND joker’s. FDS has given serious players a dedicated sandbox. Earn entry, and maintain your quals in order to avoid those “players” that regard this app as a “game”. They paid to play just as you and I. Key words here; GAME-PLAY-$$$.


Should’ve listened to the old wise man - it got closed ;(

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I think you may be missing a few key ingredients in that sentence:

“…for those who respect and obey the rules that have been set in place. Listening to and following ATC instructions requires the attention of ALL pilots while maintaining a high level of responsibility and attentiveness.”

I wouldn’t classify this as a “paid to play” specific server. Everyone pays to play on the live servers. Not just one server. ☝🏼


@DeerCrusher. MaxSez:

Well Crusher I read back the full text of the Feb 17 Screed. It was the standard all encompassing whine about the sins of the great unwashed on TS-1. We’ve been feed this same line since I joined this polyglot. The only salient Point relating to my “Report User” comment was noted by Chris “Nobody noticed it was disabled”, (No Public Announce, No Complaints). I missed the original Topic and without Public Notice I’ve been “Reporting Users” right along. TS on me. “What we have here (again) is a failure to communicate”. Report User was a Valid remedial, 3 reports and you lost a session, no big deal, no XP loss, no record ect. We did have our vigilantes playing air police, they and a few kiddie gamers where the only abusers I noted. Nobody learns on a flawed platform and TS-1 has been and is flawed. The criminals are running the jail, the jailers just brush the odvious problems off with that same old saw, its a Training Server! Da! At this stage it appears FDS chooses to look away or impose punitive measures on those who are left floundering at the elementary level without adult supervision to home school and hope for the best. G’nite

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This subject has been beat to the death. I just don’t see this gaining traction again on the Training Server. There is a large portion of folks on the Training Server that aren’t on IFC, could care less about about pilot skill and communication or there’s the folks that just don’t get it in general. Stick to the Advanced Server and almost all of the TS1 problems go away. One can only say check tutorials or please follow instructions so many times. Those that are willing to put forth the effort, analyze the skies reading situations and scenarios while growing “flourishing” eventually move on the Advanced Server.

Max could you imagine sifting through the topics and emails regarding “I got ghosted and don’t understand?” How many times have we heard the excuses? I get the rebuttal to an extent but it really isn’t hard to maintain the prerequisites for the Expert Server. Remember the fact that the clientele on the Training Server is diverse in age, experience, passion and a strong willingness to learn or lack there of.


Thank you @DeerCrusher for bringing some closure to this issue for me. Your the first to respond with facts regarding this issue. Usually just a bunch of guessing.

Missing nothing. This, IF, is a business venture. We, the collective We, pay to play.
The “trolls” will either never play on expert, or only troll there for a brief moment before they are bannished. And serious players, like yourself get 3 servers. (if you
can handle the nonsense of “the great unwashed”).Gotta love @maxmustang.
bonus question: which group paid more?
Bonus answer: none of the above.


@Levet. MaxSez: I was discussing “Report User” and its unannounced closure. After all is said and done no matter it’s flaws, TS-1 Requires a written Access Guidence, Controlled Access and Adult Supervision which only FDS can provide.

Yr Quote ??? Why would you of all people shift threw Ghost gripes. Theres a procedure established, follow it and direct the complainer to the Controller Involved or the ATC Moderator and close the Topic before the Duty Experts have an opportunity to bloviate. Problem Fixed. Next. Nice chatting w/you Fire 🔥 Dog…


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. You’ll come across a troller sometimes. We need to create a new system that is difficult to abuse and can take care of trollers.

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I have a idea but I don’t want to go off topic.

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