How to report someone for not following ATC commands

How would one report a user for deliberately not following ATC commands? Normally in TS I’m like whatever they’re learning but this person was Grade 3 and just being disrespectful over and over. I took a screenshot of their info because it said my controller rating was too low to report them. Thanks for any info :)

To report someone you have to be an advanced ATC (IFATC).


You can only do that if you are IFATC certified
Unfortunately You can’t report a pilot if u r not IFATC
U may be able to Screenshot ,DM pilot if able ,or DM some Staff or IFATC official

I don’t know if you are supposed to DM staff and IFATC officials tho

I knew you had to be certified and what not to report on the game but I thought we could advise someone through here maybe… guess not!! Ha oh well KLM 321 -Captain Olly - WAG if you read this… listen to ATC 😝

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The only time you should tell staff about a pilot is if there is an offensive/deragatory call sign.
Moderators and IFATC going under radar training are strictly advised to never ghost users on TS.
If you spot a call sign described above, screenshot their data tag and PM a moderator.

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There used to be a system where Pilots and ATC on Training can use the Report button; after a misbehaving Pilot would have received three Reports, he would be ghosted.

But unfortunately it was being abused and it got turned off. As far as I’m aware this ‘feature’ is still disabled.

Long story short and to sum up what others have said, you as a pilot/controller cannot ghost on the Casual or Training Servers. Staff, Moderators and IFATC members will be the only ones that would report someone, should the need arise, will only be found on the Expert Server.

Reporting a user is something that is not taken lightly upon. It is always a last resort when the user is impeding on the flow of normal operations.