How to report him?

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I’m assuming this was training server, so either the ATC was trolling or the pilot
Unfortunately nothing you can do

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I think you can message the mods? I’m sure someone has guidelines lying around.

You just made a topic on this, but it’s training server they are training after all so there’s nothing you can really do.

Mods can’t really do anything about ATC on training server.
Keep racking up XP and soon you’ll be able to fly on Expert Server where ATC are held to strict guidelines and this won’t happen

Guys 3 of you said the same thing. Let’s try to keep it to one response

What’s wrong with multiple responses?
Not trying to be rude just asking

One of the mods said not to do it.

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I think in this context its probably fine, because he may not completely trust 1 person, but if he has people clarifying and agreeing, he’ll know.

But if mods said it than no I guess…

I believe it as @Chris_S

I am G4, the reason why I don’t want go expert server there is no ATC online right now

No need to complain about what happens on training as it is training server for a reason. The only rules pilots have to follow are the violations that are in place.
Edit saw the post that the OP is grade 4.
Fly on expert do an overnight to one of tomorrow’s airports if possible. Or just do an overnight. IFATC have lives and there can’t always be atc on expert

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None of what has been said is true about nothing being able to be done. In some cases once everything is viewed by the appropriate people, something can and has been done in the past. The infraction does have to be rather extreme though so take that into account.

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I am G4, the reason why I don’t want go expert server there is no ATC online right now

I’d argue that no ATC is better than bad ATC… regardless, there’s open frequencies now.

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No. It’s spam…just like the spam in the original post.

One reply which states the exact same thing is plenty. It’s obnoxious when fourteen people say the same thing.


Well obviously 14 people is obnoxious, but 2-4 should be fine.

To quote:

  1. Read the thread before you post. You don’t get bonus points for being the sixth person to tell someone that they must be a certain trust level to post in that category. If it has already been said above, leave it alone and move on.

Thank you Tim b