How to report an user in expert server

Hi guys who can help me with an user in expert server, because since i took off is flying near and trough my plane ann in this moment he will try it again.

Hi let me know where you are and I’ll spawn in and check it out. ICAO of your nearest airport

Hi i¨m flying near KBNL IN EXPERT SERVE I´m flying as Volaris 4083 and you can see the other user very near of my plane thank you

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the other user is DELTA65 VC-25 Air Force One now flying near KSAV in expert server

From the looks of it, it seems you guys have over 2000 feet spacing. Thats over the minimum separation requirements

Yeah i know but between minute 20 to 24 since i took off from KIAD he trough my plane and now i climbing to FL38 and because he tried to trough me again at level FL34