How to renew your live subscription

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Apparently FDS has to pay a fee for receiving money through the app itself, so it’s better to purchase a live subscription from here.


That’s why I have the screenshot. David said to go to that same link ;)

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Is it required or just highly suggested?

Suggested - you can of course still buy it via the app for convenience :)

Unless you want your live subscription back, it’s suggested

Will my xp and hours still be the same if I renew it?

I believe so, since it’s still the same user you were using before.

Ok, I don’t want to start again with 50% standing and 0XP

I am in the UK and the website shows I dollars. Will I have to pay the correct UK price or the US price?

Probably, if the flyingdevstudio wants the same amount of cash from every country, you would have to pay about 3.30 pounds

I asked Phillipe about that and because Apple set the price in other countries it’s actually 3.99

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Good question, here is a screenshot of the certificate.


Not sure about Windows, but on a Mac you can see the certificates by clicking on the Lock icon to the left of the URL. I can tell you that the account website (as well as this one) are both using HTTPS.

On the new account website you can choose to purchase either subscription with a standard card, Alipay, or Bitcoin.

Until its a PayPal transaction ill still be using apple.

Why? It’s an approved, encrypted digital certificate, which keeps information private as it’s sent to or from the https website.

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Hey, at what time does a subscription end? 12:00 am? 11:59:59 pm? the same time that you bought it? 12:00 pm?

because i need to know, my live sub. is ending on the 12th, and i’m getting live+

How do you renew it with global?