How to remove things from logbook

So infinite flight is begining to take alot off space and i have cleared replay but now i want to do logobook but i dont know to delete things from loogbook.?

I believe the only way to remove your logs can be done by reinstalling the app.

All Live Flights are stored on your account


Oh ok thanks

That doesn’t work for me. I’ve uninstalled multiple times and I still have flights from 2016 when from when I switched to apple

The logbook takes up 0% storage though.


In other words, you can’t. It currently isn’t possible

Are your referring to live flights or solo flights?

My solo flights get deleted when I reinstall the game.

Again, logbook doesn’t take up any storage what so ever. Aircraft is what takes up storage.

The Solo logbook is locally stored, but kilobytes in size. The Live one is stored on our servers.

How much space is your Infinite Flight taking up currently?

Please read OPs post :)

Didn’t see that when I posted earlier. My bad

Hmmm. Thats Weird cause IT does on my device

Is that so? What makes you say that?

6.68 GB thats how Munch IT takes up

That sounds pretty standard with the normal downloading of additional planes.

Pretty sure it is replay files that are taking up the space. Click on delete at the bottom of the replays screen and you will see options to delete the replay files, which can consume a lot of device storage space.

You may have to restart the device before it shows the space as being freed.

I say this because the app with cleared scenery and minimal planes downloaded appears to use 4-5GB of storage, so you appear to have excess data use that is difficult to account for outside of replays.

Oh ok thx.

I have done that

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