How to remove the reports to go up in Grade 3?

When it was a FNF i earned 3 reports becouse of ATC fold.And now i am grade 2 becouse i have 6 reports in one year. Now, i need to pass 1 year since first report or what? How can i remove them?

Who was the controller? look in your logbook

Also it’s probably too late for them to be removed

they can’t be removed, but a year from the first one, on the exact day and Zulu time the first one will be out of reports in a year. and then you’ll have 5. So whenever you got reported the first time, exactly a year from that day that report won’t count on reports in a year, but it will still show on reports in the last 2 years. and before going back into expert please check #tutorials to avoid anymore ghosts/reports.

Note about getting reported and ghosted i believe a mod said that it’s the best idea to ask/appeal the ghost within 6 days of it happening:)

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Unfortunately you’re just going to have to suck it up and wait a year for the first report to go away, unless you can contact the controller but it’s probably too late @Alphadog4646 the last FNF was 7 days ago, so he might be able to get it removed

What’s your current callsign and display name @Kristijan?

Mate, the OP doesn’t specify which FNF. It could’ve been weeks ago.

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I know, but I was just saying that the earliest could have been 7 days ago

Whatever the timing, reports are removed based solely on the merits of the case and can be appealed for 7 days.

Whether it brings you over 5 is not a consideration.

It is for this reason that we implore pilots to consider utilizing the early reports as learning opportunities instead of continuing to accrue them only to begin worrying about them when they’ve reached 6.

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