How to remove my violation?

Okay, so I was approaching Paris Charles De Gaulle airport in an air france A319. It was a normal approach, no atc at all. But as I landed when Im about to expedite the runway, an IFATC joined. They covered Ground, Tower and ATIS so i tuned to ground and requested taxi to parking. After that, like 10 secs or so, they accepted the request and asked me to hold short runway 8L but it was too late, I passed the taxi line already - what can I do? Then ATC reported me so I got a violation. So…I went back to Grade 2 and I was so sad cuz i cannot fly on the expert server. So…I am wondering on how should I remove the violation to get my precious Grade 3 back?

Hey there! If you wish to contact the appeals team about a wrongful report given to you either by the system or by a controller, using this link would put you through to the appeals team who would be happy to assist you.

Sorry to hear that you’ve received a violation. Hope you can have it reversed!

Thank You So Much! You have no idea how much this means to me.

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