How to remotely sign out from certain devices?

I signed in this Community on a computer somewhere and now I am half paranoid that someone will find it and abuse it. Could someone tell me how to remotely sign out from certain devices?


I think that when you get logged out on one device it normally logs out on the others as well. Try logging out and back in and I think you should be safe.

No, I tried it before on my Laptop and I could still access this account on my iPad.

Oh ok, well then it mustn’t be a feature within the forum. If you want to request it though you can of course here:

As far as your account goes, I doubt that anyone would abuse your account and the chances they know about the IFC are small so I think your safe.

I believe a moderator can do this by “deactivating” your account. It simply means you must re-validate your email


Yep. We can. Do you want that @RedBulbBlueBlood9911?


Researched a bit more, and that function is not a great idea as it can cause other issues…

How do you sign in? Email? Or is it via Facebook/Google etc?


That wont help if he signs in via 3rd party like FB etc.

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Seb, ask Discourse if there is an option that they may have that allows the moderation team to sign a user out from all sessions. Maybe they could add this option if it is not available at this time.

Yeah, we can sign a user out but this may cause issues. It’s at their discretion and own risk.


If I’m not wrong, Discourse signs you out when you’re browsing on different IP Addresses. For example, I have to constantly turn on and off a VPN because I’m on university WiFi, and each time I have to re login. Surely if the OP signed in on a different internet connection to their usual, they have nothing to worry about?

Apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong, just noticed this correlation.

If signing in via Facebook there is a function within the security settings of Facebook (Desktop version) that allows you to view sessions/devices you are signed in on and force the end of sessions where you are signed in on multiple devices

This MAY force 3rd party app logouts as well as FB account logouts

Failing that you can remove 3rd Party App access via Facebook desktop, i believe its within the Applications section of the Security / Privacy which should give you a clean slate

Sorry for the vagueness i am travelling so dont have desktop access to double check

I signed in first with Google Mail, but now I just enter my Username and Password. I would be okay with a signing out as long as it does not qualify as a suspension, and could someone tell me what the issues possible are before signing me out?

You can change the password first of all

Was it a public computer? Like a library one?

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A relative’s. But if that is hacked or stolen, my account might become screwed up. I usually trust only my dad’s laptops as they have Norton Security, and my iPad as it can’t be hacked easily.

How do you log in? Google/FB/Github/etc?

Here. I have only Google Mail.

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