How to refuel if you're going on a long haul?

Hey guys I was wondering how are you supposed to refuel the plane? Let’s say I’m traveling from KLAX - DXB how do you refuel on the way?

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You either do a stop-over at a nearby airport to refuel or select a aircraft that can refuel in midair or just simply select a aircraft that can hold enough fuel for the whole flight.

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Just fly a plane which can carry enough fuel. Or land en route and refuel there. If you’re in a military aircraft you can refuel in flight, but someone else will need to fly the tanker


Refueling is done with the KC-10 and a fighter jet. Refueling cannot be done otherwise unless you divert and refuel at the gate.

The C130s and VC25 can also refuel in flight.

But how do you refuel the plane if you stop at an airport? What settings can you choose.

Click the menu button then click “weight and balance” and it all is right there

Be sure to have your parking breaks on. You must be on the tarmac as well. It’s the exact same way on how you load fuel in the first place.

As I learned today… The Atlantic Ocean can also refuel…

Thank god for Aircraft Carriers


Just land at an airport, leave the runway and turn your brakes on. After that, go to weight and balance and refuel.
(You can even land in/on the ocean and refuel there. A friend of mine has already done that)

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Wait, what? Where’s the carrier?

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It was a joke… there aren’t carriers…


Aha. Roger. I haven’t been long haul yet


If you have the correct airplane you don’t need to refuel.

Please do not tell people they can land on the ocean. Do you really want 30 or 40 planes “landing” in the ocean? How realistic is that? If you do not have enough fuel to make it to your destination then 1: you didn’t plan your flight properly, and 2: just divert to another airport to refuel, then continue on to original destination. If you are unable to make it to an available airport in time, oh well, looks like you will be ditching. Best advice: plan, plan, and plan some more and that won’t happen anymore.