How to reduce the effects of wind on aircraft?

I was flying in SoCal and winds were in excess of 20 kts. I was wondering any tips and ways to reduce the effects on the aircraft. Specifically talking about the cruise phase of flight.

I do not think that there is much you can do really. Weight is an issue and might help plus a not too slow cruising speed maybe.


I’d use flight spoilers if the speed is hard to slow down, also what I do is allow the plane to crab into the direction of wind. Then, upon touchdown use the rudder to bring the nose straight and on the centre line.

Never flare too much and float as that causes you to be pushed off of the runway most likely, try and have a firmer (but not too firm) landing to prevent landing off of the runway. If needed, perform a go around or missed approach

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Here’s a great article by the AOPA:

Hope this helps!