How to reduce fuzz in the background

Help!! Infinite Flight Vloggers make videos that are so good! In their background, you don’t have fuzz like I do. How would I get rid of the fuzz? If you look in the photo, you can see fuzz in the distance, and on the gate right next to me, everything looks tiny chopped!

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What’s your graphics at currently.


Have you tried turning on anti-aliasing?

U got best graphics on?

that only matters to rendering resolution and anti aliasing

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Only way you can sorta fix it is turning on anti-aliasing on. All that fuzz is only due to the fact that the lines are a few pixels wide because of your perspective, thus they are not so smooth

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Ohhh! I see! Thank you!

Oh but there is a problem. It worked a little bit, but its still chopped. Basically why I am doing this is because I want to start an Infinite Flight Vlog. :)

It won’t go away completely. You’re not running into an issue with IF, but rather into the limits of display technology. What Anti-aliasing does is just do sub-pixel rendering, aka trying to render to green, blue and red subpixels to blend the image a bit so that individual pixels are seen less, but you’ll still see artefacts. Wikipedia article is quite fascinating if you are into that sort of nerdy stuff.

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I see. Well it does seem to be working, so I am satisfied… 😌

What is the purpose of turning anti analising off i have it off

It helps the sim run smoother

Not true, it smooths out all thin lines that’d look very pixelated otherwise

(Anti Aliasing can completely kill your fps if you don’t have a capable device.)

You might see people turning it off when they don’t have a device without high-end graphics. Anti-aliasing eats up a lot of system resources, as essentially your devices needs to figure out how to spread the image not over pixels, but over subpixels (every pixel has 3 subpixels - red, green and blue), and it also needs to do that in a way that doesn’t make the colors look odd.

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Yes, exactly, so turning it off makes the game less smooth.

Turning it off makes it run smoother, because your phone doesn’t have to sharpen out the details


Exactly what I’m saying.

You made a mistake I guess then.

(Turning it on will make the app run less smooth, depending on your device btw)


Sorry, yes, bad wording.

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No worries :)

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