How to recover your 4m RC Glider in 8m/25ft altitude

Hey there,
Hope the category fits. Since the rc thread was closed, I made a new one. So what happened? My transmitter (DX9) and battery of it are approximately 2 years old - every 2 years one should check the battery, since when LiPos get older, they like to suddenly drop power fast and the voltage warning won’t kick in. I knew I had to change my battery soon, however didnt purchase it yet. So, glider thrown in the air, beautiful flight. Suddenly in a left corner I lose control over the aircraft, reasonable bad with a 4m wingspan glider with almost 6 kilos. So it circled 3 times to the left, bank angle always getting steeper, before it actually crashed into a tree. Ironically, I installed a camera on it right before take off. Once I have found the scene on the long video, I may upload it.
Here are some pics, shoutout to my friend and his John Deere :

The bird in the tree…

Well, checkout that construction we built on the Jonny.

Another one.

The damage : Well, it’s just some wing rebuilding and covering with foil - to be honest the very best possibility how this ended.

So, also if this is a virtual sim forum, always check your battery and its condition, not just its voltage. I got away with just some sunday hours of work, but this was a luckily completely random good fortune in a misfortune.


Is that one of those gliders that can clock over 200MPH/320kmh?

Lucky it wasn’t worse - I don’t think I’ve ever got my Skyartec Cessna stuck in a tree. Nor my DJI phantom 3 Standard.

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If you were doing this at work OSHA would probably kill you.

Hell no, it’s no a hot liner, its a pure thermal machine. Fun fact : In my rc club are 2 speed world champions in the class you talked about :D

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Honestly I would of just climbed those trees…

No way to climb it, and bring down a glider that size and weight without falling or throwing it down. Due to the dense tree it wasnt possible in any way.

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beauty of a glider there! I’m in the process of building my 1:30 scale dash 8 q400 currently

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