How to record your screen for iOS 9

Watch the video to get it. Yes u need a code look for one on the Internet

Can we get a link to the app?

Shou App

If you have an Mac you can also use this Tutorial:
Screen Record on Mac

Shou App sadly dont work for me, wont open even if i set the date back before 2012.🤔

That’s not the right link it’s this.

Right u are, this one is similar to that…kk, will change it to ur link…thanks

That is the old shou that is now jail break only

Ok, wasn’t aware of that…iam using my mac instead, cause non of these apps work for me

It doesn’t work. Anymore for some reason.

Explain what doesn’t work ( in further detail ) please

here is the link Airshou for IOS9

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You can also record your screen with QuickTime

The links will only bring me to Shou not Airshou.

Can you give me the link please?

pls press this link image
pls scroll down


pls press Airshou


pls install
have fun @Bulba

Alright thanks.

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TK 77W Roger :-)

It works thanks. I can go back to making videos.

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i will be like to see the video

Is not for free?do you suggest anyone for free?

@MarcelloM you must open this link

not from app store…
i know its cost at appstore 2,99€