How to record your screen for iOS 9

I made this video on how to record your flight for IOS 9 and above. I made this to help out because of the number of questions on how to record IF on IOS. Don’t worry about the stuff at the end that is about my YouTube channel

Sorry the highest quality is only 720P. If you need help ask me.

Sorry about the video moving around that was YouTube capture. I’ll fix it next time.

UPDATE: This no longer works I’m making a new tutorial


Great tutorial, quite a few steps hey!

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Yeh. Editing the video was hard because of the format it gets a bit glitchy

Yeah @CaptainDawud told me that


Great Tutorial…

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Great tutorial Riley !

Good one…have a question… Can you record with one device?

You only need one device to record, what do you mean?

What do u mean

Okay I got it…sorry for the confusion…

I got a question… do you need Airshou for this.

Yes, you do…

Air shou is the screen recorder

How do you get it? Also doen’t it need a code.

Watch the video to get it. Yes u need a code look for one on the Internet

Can we get a link to the app?

Shou App

If you have an Mac you can also use this Tutorial:
Screen Record on Mac

Shou App sadly dont work for me, wont open even if i set the date back before 2012.🤔

That’s not the right link it’s this.

Right u are, this one is similar to that…kk, will change it to ur link…thanks

That is the old shou that is now jail break only