How to record with gopro in a plane.

So here is my main point. I have been recording flights during my flight trainings. I have a basic gopro suction cup but it keeps falling off. I have the gopro session, the cheapest smallest one. I’ll link the videos before because why not and any tips on how to make it stay WITHOUT using a permanent sticker? By the way i fly the Diamond DA20 airplane if that makes a difference.

Question 2: how to you recommend i record air traffic control and also so it can record the in plane communication. Thanks to all in advance.

Link to videos: (yes i know they’re not professional videos haha.)


I can help you! But since I stink at explaining things I’ll just do it in a video

The first question, buy a better gopro mount or a clip on mount. Normally, I use a clip on so the gopro is clipped to the object I wan’t the best view from. For your second, don’t know if your a fan of a little shopping but found this, video

ok thanks! Let me know if you have any more questions.

If you want to see how we do it, I would suggest searching for some of our videos with our usernames!

what type of mount would you recommend? Because i dont believe their is a “good” place for a clip mount

on here or youtube?.

Just search “N1RG” on the forums and some of the videos will pop up

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do you mind linking them as all it shows is all the posts you’ve commented on.

I use the NVG Mount and pole mount with adjustable camera display but if your looking for some real suction a swivel mount might do the trick.

And many many others

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So you attach it to the “dashboard”

yeah im looking for suction as its just me and my instructor in a little 2 seater plane.

Yeah! The mounts come off!

The mounts we use are sticky mounts! That have an adhesive on the bottom

Do you mind sending me the links to the accessory either on amazon or GoPro if possible. If not I can just do more research. Thanks again!

I have the same equipment.

Not sure how to help with the suction cup, other than find a flat surface to stick it on. Any holes, imperfections, etc. will make it fall off.

With ATC, either record it with an extra radio or wire t to get your headphones audio. I would talk to someone else that does this and see if they have any suggestions.

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