How to record videos in infinite flight without any apps

Can anyone tell me how to record videos without any app. I have no idea

Its only for android

I know and i am using Android but why can’t i record videos

Search for an topic the screen record and you Will found a few topic where they explain it. Here maybe No-Root Android Screenrecorder

Or do you use IOS?

Ok thx but u need to install an app right

Does something pop up when you hit the record button?

No i use an android device

Yes it is needed

In IOS 6 or something like that was I able to make video’s without using Any apps😳 But I don’t know how but when I scroll to my pictures I mostly saw screen video’s 🤔

I use reflector 2, it’s fantastic and records only the devices sound. But it does cost.

Either that or you go back to the good old Phone camera.

In the pause menu where you see time,weather,etc. there should be a button that says Record Screen or something like that. Do you not have that button or can’t find it?

If you can’t find it its either your device is too good or too bad.

I use Airshou for my iPhone. Requires internet connection or the screen will cut to black. Find it on google.

The video recording feature is only available for Android 5.0 and above but still some devices don’t support so you can get screen recorders like AZ Screen Recorder. If you are on Android 4.4 and below you’ll need to root your device in order to record your screen :)

No i can’t find it

I use a android tab 3 is it supported

What operating system version do you have?

U mean like phone version

My device is 4.4.2

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