How to record screen

Hello in previous version thier was a option of screen recording but now it is not there can you tell me how to record in this version

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Hello, this isn’t really an infinite flight issue, but sure I’ll help
If you’re on iOS, there’s a built in screen recorder (requires iOS 11+). Go into settings -> control center -> customise controls and add the screen recorder option. Then when you want to record, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and press the record button (looks like a circle in a circle). When you’re done, press the same button and the video automatically saves to your camera roll.

Im not too familiar with android but I’m sure if you search the google play store you’ll find plenty of third party recorders…

I don’t know about android but on Apple theirs a screen recording widget in preferences.

Do you mean replay of your flight in solo mode?
If so check this out:


First of all what device are you on?
If you’re on Android then the feature to record you or screen was removed last year, in the 18.5 update. But there are many great screen recording apps on the Google Play store. Here are some recommendations:

These external apps only work on certain Android devices, but if you have a newer device such as the Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Tab S3 it should work.

If you’re on iOS, there’s a built-in screen recorder that requires iOS 11+. Read what @8SmartFlying said to enable and use this feature on iOS :)

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