How to record on Infinite flight

So I want to record my flights I have a screen recorder Du Rec and I have an editor but I am not sure how to record them on replay. Because I don’t know how to speed it up so it could take ages i also don’t know how to hide the replay, please help, I posted it in general as it isn’t a technical issue with IF it self :)

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To do timelapses unfortunately there’s bo way to speed up the replay

You can hide the replay bar by holding anywhere on the screen for a couple of seconds

Oh, Ok. When will this be a feature lol.

I’d say at most until year 5000 😛

in other words, they aren’t working on it nor have plans to do so anytime soon, or at least not that we know of

It used to exist when the replay mode was restricted to flights on solo only but was removed when I believe they updated the replay mode to allow for it to be used with live flights.

You had a bar on the bottom that you could move left or right and it would speed up going forward on the replay (right) or backwards (left).

If you do want a timelapse version then you can vote for it here:


I would really love to record my IFATC controlling sessions, but I don’t know how. Any ideas since there’s no built in features inside of the game?

If you’re on iOS, the built in OS screen recorder works just fine.

Unfortunately I’m with Android. I know Google Play has some screen recorder apps, though they may get laggy and low quality is what I heard.

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