How to reconnect to server

Im 4.5 hours into my flight and with 2.5 hours left I got disconnected from liver server how do I reconnect? Please help.

Do you know the reason you were disconnected? e.g. out of the app for too long, system pop up notification?

I have no clue I never left the app and I have full bars of wifi.

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what color is the symbol at the top right of the screen

It is red(characters)

when I click on it, it says disconnected: user disconnected

Hmm try turning you wifi off for 30 seconds and turning it back on, if that doesn’t work, I sadly can’t help

I think that means you got more than 3 Level 1 violations. Or a level 2 or 3 vio

I did not I have been by my screen the whole time.

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After you see this it will not reconnect. Nothing you do is going to fix it and you may as well just end the flight.

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…or finish it offline?

If they want to. Your stats stop updating after you get disconnected, so you don’t get any flight time or XP from it. But if they really want to, go for it.


will I have my full replay?

No once your disconnected, replay won’t record after that nor will it give you your landing after

I learned that the hard way yesterday


This is very serious situation and it’s very serious for your flight, lots of people want this problem to be stopped as well as me, this is a very serious live server situation, I really hope it’s fixed in the near future

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Same thing happened to me! I hope it gets fixed very soon :(

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Same thing happened to me! I hope it gets fixed soon because it takes a while to prepare the flight for it to then go to waste!

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