How to read the weather report.

Hello IFC. when I am flying and I click on the airport I can see 3 things
. ATC, wether and runways. 2 of them are pretty self explanatory but how to read the wether is not. How do you read the wether. If you could can you use the one below as an example.

Learn the METAR formats :)

And here you can decode it. So will be translated to readable text.


Check out this topic for help reading METAR’s.

You can take a look at this video made by IF


Use the above link to learn how to read these.

For now:
Amsterdam (EHAM)
Issued: 08th @ 1355 Zulu
Winds: 320° 7kts; Winds are Variable between 290 and 360. This means the wind is changing direction in between these coordinates.

Visibility: Greater than 9000 meters 9999

Ceiling: Few Clouds at 3800 ft with Towering Cumulonibis. Rain Showes are in the Vincinity of the Airport

Temperature: Temp is 16 ° C and Dewpoint 9°C

Barometric Pressure: 1019 HpA

No significant changes

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