How to read fix?

So for example in an event or flight plan from a website, there might be a fix like this:
3401N/2684N, the numbers and letters may vary, but nothing comes up when I either type the whole thing, or just one code, either before or after the slash. So any help with how to type in these fixes?

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You’ll need to have an initial fix before your first set of coordinates.

For example, if you spawn in at LPAZ and the first set of coordinates you want to navigate to is 3401N/2684N, then you’d input the following to Infinite Flight;

E.g; LPAZ 3401N/2684N

Then you can keep on adding more and more cords, waypoints, VORs etc to extend/continue your FPL.


Ok thank you. Dang after almost 3 years of playing IF I just realized this.


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