How to Read AOA on HUD

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I would like to know, how do you read your AOA on the HUD in the cockpit in Infinite Flight? Thank you,

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Are you referring to an Angle of Attack indicator? As far as I know that doesn’t exist in IF yet.

Yes, on HUD, it’s sort of an attitude indicator. I would like to know how to read degrees of pitch (Angle of Attack). Please correct me if these are not the same thing.

Yeah, according to this thread there’s no angle of attack indicator for the HUD yet.

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Thank you.

Still, I would like to know, is there a way to read pitch using the attitude indicator that we have?

No, not really. The only way you can tell your pitch is through your VSI or Vertical Speed Indicator.


The attitude indicator that we have is sort of just for looks? 🤔

What do you mean? Could you provide a screenshot?

(Circle drawn for clarity)


Enough with the minutiae:

Each bar is 5 degrees, I believe, but I’m not positive. If someone needs to correct me on that, please do, but enough with the other stuff.


I don’t exactly understand what you mean Tim. We’re just having a discussion.

However, with the screenshot you provided I think it may be 5 degrees as Tim said. Again, I’m not sure.

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Poor guy just wanted to know the numbers and he got a feature request and “doesn’t exist.” That’s all.


His post was referring to an angle of attack indicator, like one with degrees, which currently does not exist in IF (that’s why I said it didn’t exist). I linked the other post to show him that someone had requested the feature and he should keep updated with that thread for more information.

Please stop trying to bring hostility into a perfectly normal conversation about a feature. It’s not worth it.

No hostility. Only clear what his question was, terminology aside.


I have the info I need. Please continue your discussion in a PM.

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By the way, thank you, @Tim_B for answering the question calmly and completely.

Nice, I hope the actual degrees indicator is put in soon

Me too. Thanks for your help :)

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There is confusion here. The attitude indicator on the HUD is accurate, each bar is 5 degrees. This is not your angle of attack, it is just your pitch. An angle of attack (or alpha) indicator would be completely different and is too complicated for me to be willing to explain it now! In answer to your question, I think you mean pitch, not angle of attack, and yes - the HUD is accurate with pitch and each bar is 5 degrees.


Yeah, exactly what I meant. An angle of attack indicator doesn’t currently exist, but a pitch indicator does.