How to read an approach chart..?

I dont think so. Maybe a VFR chart.

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Oh yeah, haha that would make sense

This is fantastic!! really answered my post. Thanks Devs!

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Hi guys,

In addition to the great written tutorial by Aernout, Linked below for more visual learners (such as myself) is a video tutorial series from Will Liehaber on reading approach charts. I have dislexia, and I can understand a well written tutorial much better after I reinforce it with a detailed video if available.

Lastly, you will learn the difference between a Jeppesen approach chart (what Aernout used) and an FAA chart.

All About Approach Charts:

My apologies for the nicroposting…I think that’s the right term.

See you out there guys


A must read for anyone new around here! If looking at APP/DEP charts, the altitudes can occasionally be confusing. Below is a reference as to what it all means!



Great explanation and good job at breaking the charts down!

This is much better explanation then made it by Jeppesen.
Great THX!!! ;-)

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Very useful and well explained thank you

When you say the vertical speed for descending at a 3 degree angle, at what altitude are those numbers based off? 1,000ft?