How to read a METAR

I have heard a lot of people get confused with metars, so here is the full description of how to read it, here is an example of one.

KCLE 220136Z 31006KT 10SM
FEW020 BKN024 OVC049 22/21 A2984 RMK A02 RAE04 P0000

How to read this

KCLE (airport code Cleveland Hopkins international airport)
First two digits are the day of the month (22nd of random month)

0136Z is the local time and the Z means Zulu time

COR corrected report
AUTO automated station

310 is the direction of the wind in degrees

06KT, 06 means 6 knots of winds KT means knots

VRB means the wind direction can vary (090V180) means the winds can change from 90- 180 degrees. This term comes up when wind direction changes more than 60 degrees.

+SHRA, + means heavy, SH means showers, RA means rain.

Intensity, (-)= light, moderate (no prefix), (+)=heavy

Descriptor, MI= shallow, BC= patches, DR= low drifting, BL= blowing, SH= showers, TS= thunderstorms, FZ= freezing, PR= partial.

Other vocab.

PO= well developed dust/sand whirls, SQ= squalls, FC= funnel cloud/ tornado/ waterspout, SS= sandstorm, DS= dust storm.

Sky conditions.

FEW020 BKN024 OVC049

SKC= clear
CLR= clear
FEW= few
SCT= scattered
BKN= broken
OVC= overcast

The next three digits 020 mean feet in hundreds where the clouds are.


DZ= drizzle
RA= rain
SN= snow
SG= snow grains
IC= ice crystals
PL= ice pellets
GR= hail
GS small hail and or snow pellets
UP= unknown precipitation


BR= mist
FG= fog
FU= smoke
VA= volcanic ash
DU= widespread
SA= sand
HZ= haze
PY= spray

Temperature and dew point.

22/21, 22 is 22 degrees celcious.
21 is the dew point in celcious.
To display negative numbers there will be an M in front of it.

Altimeter pressure.


A means altimeter, 2984 means 29.84 inches of mercury for pressure.

METAR remarks decoding.

RMK means remarks
A02 means automated and has precipitation sensor.
RAE04 means rain ended 4min past the hour.
That’s all I know.


Appreciate the reminder - however, there’s already a dedicated tutorial that has a little bit more information. I’ve linked it below.


Nice, this one is a bit easier to read and comprehend then the other one.

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Yea but this is easier to read

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Captain Joe is here part 1 (you’ll find part 2):

Tbh, I appreciate it. He spent a lot of time tryna help some people! Good tutorial mate!

There are multiple other tutorials here on the forum that cover reading tutorials. Thank you for the effort though!