How to reach TL3

Just wondering how I can reach Regular (TL3).

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Just stay active on the forum over a period of months, and you’ll get there! Be productive when posting replies, help others out when possible.


Ok. Hope to get there soon. I have been on the IFC pretty much daily since the start of December.


Productive and Constructive Posts that leads a Conversation forward, also is helpful and relevant to the current topic.

Lastly, be patient. Do well and wait. You’ll receive TL3 when you get to the point where you deserve it, rightfully :)


Great. My goal is to make the community even better.


And I bet that you’ll do a great job as you chase that TL3 badge but remember, Regular or not, what counts is not Trust Level but rather who you are as a person. I can take this title off any given time, be on the forum without anyone knowing I’m a Regular but still be able to assist and make people happy. So you can also do wonders for the community without being TL3. It’s about the impact you make as a human being not the status you receive.

But I encourage you to strive forward and may your dream come true 😊


Thanks. That is really a great post.


Thank You.

You see, by making posts that also encourages others and has value behind them, which translates into a help on their way to reach their goals and dreams is also being helpful and regarded by me to be the basic stepping stones of becoming a Regular.

Once again, I wish you the best of luck and I hope you reach TL3 one day :)


Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it!

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Don’t over try to get TL3 as then you might get a few people not like you.

Best way is be chill and be active and you will get there !

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Top 10 unsolved mysteries of human kind:

  1. You
  2. Can’t
  3. Rank
  4. Them
  5. Because
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  7. All
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  9. Different
  10. How to reach TL3

Nah, see: Keep posting helpful and responsible stuff without spaming or “trying to much” I’m sure you’ll get there somehow. Maybe. Or maybe not. Maybe there is a secret key word you need to post. Nobody knows.

Joke aside, @Captain_JR summarized it nicely I guess


It could take a few months to be honest. You should also do the training for the forum. Use @discobot. 🙃

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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just be active on IFC by reading, commenting, liking ect but not too much as that would be superficial and you will reach it in no time

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Don’t guess, Know it ;)

You know that I summarized it perfectly and you made a perfect joke about it, hihi 😆

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There were changes made and I’m pretty sure they didn’t update so we don’t know how to reach TL3, but rather just contribute and be a great member and get that surprise promotion,

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The requirements for TL3 where never released, the settings for TL3 (and for all other TLs) has been custom even before the re adjust of the requirements.

Ask @RotorGuy, he got it in one day of being on the IFC!

Jokes Aside, just be active, not many people get TL3 because they’re trying hard to earn it, they get it because they’re genuinely being helpful and active. Ask almost any Regular and they will tell you something along the lines of I was never really trying to get it, it just came along one day.


Like people have said. TL3 requirements along with other requirements are not posted publicly and are different from the standard requirements set by discourse.

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Man these things change all the time